How talktive are you?
Anormal day for you contains lots of talkin and shouting.
You like being hyper and happy which normaly means being very loud.
Your always talking and never run of of things to say.
You have so much to say, its hard for people to get a word in..
You would go up to a random person and start a conversation.
People block you because you talk to much.
You make lots of convos.
You can talk to so much people at the same time.
You hate to read and b calm.
Your the first one to raise your hand when reaing outloud in class.
You get in trouble for talking in class.
You been kicked out of class for talking.
Loudness is just a way for attention.
You love to ramble all the time.
You never run out of engery.
You have more than 100 contacts in your phone.
You have more than 100 people in your buddy list.
You have more than 100 friends in MySpace.
You go over your minutes.
You had a bill that was over $300.